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Some of our sprits include the following (either currently aging or in planning):

single malt rye whiskey
100% malted rye, sour mashed. 

oaty otter whiskey
Oats and the legendary Maris Otter, a floor malted barley, make up the majority of this mash bill. 

pug stout whiskey
The grain bill for this wash is inspired by our fat pug oatmeal milk stout. 

smokey rye whiskey
51% malted rye, cherry and apple smoked mated barley and oak smoked malted wheat.

golden otter whiskey
Golden Promise and Maris Otter malted barley. 

pilsner whiskey
Pilsner Malt and Vienna Malt, inspired by our Pulaski Pilsner beer.

brewers gin
A smooth 2-row base distilled with botanicals commonly used in craft brewing. 

We produce all of our spirits using our 250L Kothe column still.